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We pride ourselves in being Nevada farmers with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation. We’re always enhancing our farm and our product. We do this by focusing on cow comfort and seasonal fine-tuning of their diets for optimal nutrition. It’s a misconception that dairies are not data-driven operations, we track everything we do.

Val Christoph

Dairy Farmer & Owner, Liberty Jersey Farm

Nevada is home to just over 20 dairy farms ranging in size from 500 cows to over 25,000 cows, and as a state ranks 32nd in milk production by volume. The region is excellent for growing forages and providing a dry, comfortable climate for dairy cows. Much of the fluid milk stays in Nevada — supplying 3 fluid milk plants and 1 milk powder plant. The milk powder produced in Nevada supplies high-quality protein to people all over the world. Though Nevada is a small milk-producing state — just 0.3% of the country’s total milk volume — it is a significant contributor to the local economy and can produce enough to supply its entire population with fluid milk.

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The Nevada Dairy Farmers represent the hard work and dedication of Nevada’s dairy farm families. The organization endeavors to provide its dairy-farmer investors with a return on their investment and enhance the financial stability of Nevada’s dairy industry while driving demand for locally-produced dairy products through coordinated marketing, dairy image and nutrition programs.

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